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All Scots Are Dead - Official - Probably

Unhealthy living is almost universal in Scotland, with virtually everyone in the country putting themselves at risk, according to a study.
"Considering five major risk factors to health - cigarette smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, poor diet, physical inactivity, and overweight - nearly the whole adult population (97.5%) have at least one behavioural risk factor."
The study was led by Dr David Conway, who added that the true picture may be even worse due to respondents putting a positive spin on their behaviour.


You're not implying we should just let them all die, are you, rather than allowing Scottish-NHS expenditure to remain at its present higher-than-British (higher-than-English) average, which your figures clearly indicate is required! Alternatively, lets start a massive prevention programme north of the border, banning the sale of ciggies and alcohol in Scotland: I'm sure we'll find a use for them, especially if we reverse the smoking ban in English pubs and we win the World Cup!

"Unhealthy living is almost universal in Scotland"

Just a couple of quibbles:

One: There's no definition of what actually constitutes "unhealthy living" I notice - just a few vague generalities.

Two: This report is brought to us by the same people who class anyone who drinks two shandies more than once a quarter as a dangerous alcoholic and declare people morbidly obese if they come in at just a couple of ounces over some very dubious weight targets.

Despite the fact I love poking fun at the prridge wogs I suspect this is complete bollox.

Why worry? If it really is a problem it'll correct itself.
Just consider it as evolution in action.
Cut SNHS spending back to the same as the English average.

How dare human beings act just like human beings!

Notihng that a few dozen Cullodens wouldn't cure...

Nothing that a few dozen Cullodens wouldn't sure...

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