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Black Farmer Plays Race Card

Rubber-stamped by Dave, rejected by Wiltshire - Times Online
Cameron’s Black Tory followed Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones’s long quest to become the MP for Chippenham, in Wiltshire... He lost, natch, and Wiltshire suddenly had its first Liberal MP since around about the time the Corn Laws were repealed.
I would have liked the programme to tease out some of the reasons for this defeat: was it because Emmanuel-Jones was black, or was it that he had been imported from London — or maybe, more subtly, a combination of the two? It is entirely possible that some of Chippenham’s voters believe that black people are one of those strange, new-fangled things invented in London, like mains drainage and electricity. My guess is that in this largely rural, conservative seat, the colour of his skin probably tipped the balance.

Next door in Devizes the swing in votes was Tory +4.0 % LD +4.7%, in his Chippenham the notional (it had new boundaries) was Tory +3.3 LD +3.3

It was always going to be a Lib Dem win, he got a similar swing to the fragrant Claire Perry who won Devizes. Wiltshire doesn't need metropolitan sneering that it is some racist rural throwback of a county, we can do that sneering ourselves...


It was quite possibly nothing to do with the colour of his skin, but a great deal to do with his attitude.

What is it with some Londoner; do they really still believe we go around with straw in our hair and saying 'Ehh Ahhh' like that person from Time Team???

Mind you - in Cherhill!!!!!

It is not impossible that in your golden ageing years ( and as the demography changes via the birth rate) you might rue having endorsed reverse colonialism.

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