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I love the smell of money in the morning

Yes, Obama is angry with BP - Times Online

Angry? Don't be so bloody silly. He goes to bed every night hugging himself in glee about this. He can jump on planes and go to photo-ops, he can shout at foreigners, he can't be blamed for the problem and it is distracting everyone from the real problems. And the best part, billions of dollars for the government to spend..


From this side of the ocean, it doesn't look quite so great for President O.

I'm hearing more than a little grumbling from many of our American cousins that Bush responded far better to Katrina than the current administration has to this spill.

When the despised George W starts getting compliments over the sainted Obama, something's up.

The spill obviously isn't the president's fault of course, but in Obama's case, he created so much public expectation amongst the politically credulous that he has been more or less hoist with his own petard ("this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal", etc., etc.).

The real blame lies at the feet of the Rig maufacturer (American), the rig operatives (American), the valve manufacturer/fitter (American), the regulatory authority (American), the users of most of the oil (in the world) (American). BP acquired the drilling license and supplied the money.

Another take on President Obama from my expatriot compatriot Mark Steyn:


Patrick, you make a good point there. When you strip away all the guff and bluster, the salient point is this: a risky deep-sea oil-drilling operation went wrong.

If no one wanted that oil, there'd have been no risky deep-sea oil-drilling operation in the first place.

A veritable godsend for the socialist in chief.

We'll probably see conservative government return to the United States, and soon. People don't go for this nonsense.

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