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Local Rubbish

TerraCycle: The Google of garbage? - Telegraph...corporately financed collection brigades.

Wot no Council Directives?

Wiltshire residents are being asked to comment on proposals for future rubbish collections across the county.
Toby Sturgis, cabinet member for waste, said: “We want people to recycle as much as possible in Wiltshire. Our aim is to provide a first class recycling service no matter where residents live in the county and increase our current recycling rate from 40.5 percent to over 50 percent.
“It is vital that we reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill sites as space is at a premium and we must reduce the gas emissions and environmental impact these sites have on our county.
“The impact of not reducing the amount of rubbish will be the landfill taxes, which will increase from £12.5million to £17million by 2015.”

As usual the Council has got it the wrong way round - the vital, literally as in important to life, thing is for the Council to ensure a prompt refuse collection to minimize pests, disease and nuisance. That is the reason why the council is involved. The rest isn't vital but just opinions and options.
And as ever Wiltshire Council is behind the times as Pickles starts the process of unravelling the rubbish conspiracy

If you have view please vote - the expensive Wiltshire Council online voting form has only two questions, yes or no and an optional one of your anonymous details that "they won't be able to identify you from" , sex, age, exact postcode, shoe size....


I think perhaps they should look at the insane amount of packaging used to create the rubbish in the first place.

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