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Pedalling Nonsense

Obama administration spends $1.2 billion on cycling and walking initiatives - Telegraph

And how much more is spent locally?

Of course we don't do that sort of Government waste over here, do we?

The wheels of the Ilfracombe Healthy Town Project are now firmly in motion after the £10,701 grant from NHS Devon.
The money will be spent on holding several events and activities in the Ilfracombe area for people in North Devon, which place an emphasis on cycling and walking.
The North Devon Community Sports and Physical Activity Network was awarded £98,000 to buy a fleet of 180 bikes in June 2009

Bristol City Council: Walking Initiatives Grant
Information on how to apply...

And so on.

But it can all be justified because Dr Adrian Davis has written a paper : Economic Assessent of Walking and Cycling 090310.doc

Once we all cycle we are all going to live for ever and not need the NHS, so the best thing the NHS can do is spend its money on push bikes.

In among all his costs and savings nowhere does he seem to factor in the extra fatalities of cycling (about 3 times per many per mile as car travel), the injuries all cyclist get from falling of on a monotonous regularity, the environmental costs of all those sweaty grime encrusted pedalists cleaning up and the buying of even more lycra.
It is nonsense to pretend that there is an economic justification for mulcting the taxpayer to promote hobbies.


Never mind the increase in injuries to cyclists, what about the the poor pdestrian mowed down by the cyclists using the pavements?

98000 for 180 bikes? That works out to five hundred and forty four quid per bike? I realise one cannot compare costs directly, but, at New Nurse's urging* I purchased a pair of perfectly servicable mountain bikes for about 1200 Rands. At today's exchange rates that works out at about fifty sovs per bike. Without bulk discount and so on.

Is there an NHS fraud line one can contact? Because this sounds about as kosher as a pork chop.

*Sorry chaps but she used the nuclear option.

The thing that really gets my goat with fuckers on cycles is they think they're saving the fucking planet by not driving to work.

Just how fucking green is it cycling up a 2 mile long hill with 2 miles of cars, vans, lorries and buses all stuck behind you in first fucking gear doing 4 miles per fucking hour. When there's a fucking pavement they could get out of the fucking way on. Cocks.

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