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Welcome to the Fascist Games 2012

London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act 2006 (c. 12)

The Secretary of State shall make regulations about advertising in the vicinity of London Olympic events.
The regulations may apply in respect of advertising of any kind including, in particular—
(a)advertising of a non-commercial nature, and
(b)announcements or notices of any kind.
(5)The regulations may apply in respect of advertising in any form including, in particular—
(a)the distribution or provision of documents or articles,
(b)the display or projection of words, images, lights or sounds, and
(c)things done with or in relation to material which has or may have purposes or uses other than as an advertisement.
A constable or enforcement officer may—
(a)enter land or premises on which they reasonably believe a contravention of regulations under section 19 is occurring (whether by reason of advertising on that land or premises or by the use of that land or premises to cause an advertisement to appear elsewhere);
(b)remove, destroy, conceal or erase any infringing article;
(c)when entering land under paragraph (a), be accompanied by one or more persons for the purpose of taking action under paragraph (b);
(d)use, or authorise the use of, reasonable force for the purpose of taking action under this subsection.


The last corrupt scumbag to head up the Olympics pictured in typical pose in 1974 - yes 74.

Enjoy yourselves in London in 2012 - I'm planning to be trecking in the Rockies.


Remittance Travel Experiences is well into the planning of luxury tours to SA. Hopefully these will combine high class accomodations with olympic free game viewing and other decadent activities (come to think of it summer up there is hunting season down here).

Indeed one of the early rules upon which this enterprise will be based goes as follows: For the duration of the tour, anyone, be they guest, guide or random passerby, who mentions the olympic games within hearing of any other person will immediately be strangled and partially disemboweled, their carcass to be used as carnivore bait the next day.

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