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Louise Gray Writes Bunk About Acid Rain

Acid rain could return because of car fumes - Telegraph
A report in the journal Scientific American warms that nitrogen emissions from car fumes and fertilisers is now building up in the atmosphere and falling as nitric acid.
In the 1980s emissions from coal-fired power stations caused sulphuric acid to form in the atmosphere and fall as rain, killing forests.

Bunk, absolute bunk. The Nitric Acid scare was part of the original - see the official US report. A link rich start to learning more about the whole Acid Rain story and its similarities to the Global Warming one, especially in the media.


Louise Gray seems to be the resident professional liar in that paper, any environment BS article in the Telegraph always seems to have her name on it, perhaps one should find out who this woman actually is, and Alinsky her a bit by making her personally accountable for the fraudulent scare stories she concocts.

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