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Indirect GM Food - the new scare

Supermarkets selling meat from animals fed GM crops - Telegraph

Under European rules, any food containing raw GM ingredients, such as corn or soy, must be labelled as such.
There is no legal obligation for food producers, shops and supermarkets to do the same when the GM link is further back in the food chain.
Michael Meacher, the former environment minister, said animal feed was being used as a way of “inserting GM into the food chain”.
“If people choose to eat GM that is a matter for them,” he said. “But I think we are trying to trick them by making sure it actually happens even though people realise what the implications are.”

And the implications are exactly what? Everybody in this country has eaten "indirect" or in the case of veggies "direct" GM food. Nearly every meal will have some in it and has done for years. And apart from nutritious healthy food being cheaper and more available what has the implications been?


Not to mention the fact that all of us, but especially fans of "organic" food, are "indirectly eating" Sh*t and P*ss. Whether GM or not GM, many of the nutrients taken on by crops have passed through an animal at some point in fairly recent history. If you're worried about ingesting "artificial" DNA (realistically no different to the huge amounts of "natural" DNA ingested with evey meal) via this route, surely you should be more worried about the (natural) excrement-borne bacteria and viruses which have not only "alien" genetic material, but the mechanism by which to employ it to damage the unfortunate host's cells.

In reality, of course, the various immune systems involved at each stage of the food chain, followed by proper cooking, tend to destroy such organisms. Unpackaged, unprotected DNA (whether GM or not) will undergo a similar fate.

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