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Coalition of the Willies launch an online war against global warming

Coalition Of The Willies from coalitionfilm on Vimeo.

Free tofu or something at the launch party for The Coalition of the Willies tomorrow, 30th of June. 35-47 Bethnal Green Road.

"A war on global warming needs to be a war on consumerism – the status quo in our developed societies. So really: a war on the mainstream constituency of the capitalist state. Fortunately, the war on global warming isn’t in the hands of government alone. It’s time for a new approach – an approach that mobilizes the creative energies of the global population and turns the way we see the problem on its head. We need to find a way of waking people from their consumerist daze and showing them how empowering a war-effort could be. People could contribute so much more than just turning off the lights. We can use the internet to kick-start our own revolution – harnessing the energy of the human swarm, and focusing it on THE problem of our time. Get ready to change the world. There are millions of others waiting to play their part. All that they need is the infrastructure to make it happen. We have the tools that we need to construct this infrastructure. We have the talent and intelligence to make it a system people will want to use. Lord knows we have the motivation to get busy. So get started, before it’s too late. Log on, converge, and swarm.

Swarm? Aye, it's warm, I think I'll give it a miss and enjoy a beer and BBQ instead.


They could cut our carbon footprints no end by turning off their computers for a start. And not posting crappy videos with a running time of 15 mins 40 secs.

I resolved to watch the entire thing, but I could not manage it. The thing had fantastic production values, but this was not enough to make me forget the fact that none of that eco crap has yet been established by the available evidence, an unpardonable sin from the perspective of scientific method.

I used to think that the warmists were becoming more shrill and absurd as their nonsense collapsed and the emperor was seen by all to have no clothes.

I still think that, really, but boy is it taking a long time.

Is there anything rational people can do to hasten the collapse? I only ask because the longer the scam goes on, the more it will cost us and the worse our situation will become.

Can't they just F off, yet? Are there still enough true believers to keep this rolling along?

How long, Oh Lord, how long?

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