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Carbon Free Utopia

It's non-stop fun in Zero Carbon Britain, 2030

Zero Carbon Britain 2030 wants British livestock be reduced to 20 per cent of current levels, and since shipping in frozen meat is carbon intensive, and verboten, you'll have to do without. Or be a Lord to afford one.
This one example is just one of the random miseries to be inflicted on the population as part of the Trust's proposed "New Energy Policy", a collection of ideas assembled with the scattergun enthusiasm of the Taliban. I know it's the end of the month, and everyone's ignored this document - but I urge you to download it - all 4MB of it.
Let's look at a few examples. To get to a Zero Carbon Britain means reducing electricity consumption … by half. In turn, this means the end of modern industrial society - production of tangible goods would largely disappear. With nothing to sell, so would sales, marketing and support jobs. All domestic air travel will be banned, and all travel they deem unnecessary will also be impossible. With nobody working nobody would have to move about. It all fits together. Hopefully you now see the genius of the plan.

Some deluded fools think that Sceptics are winning the argument on the science behind the Global Warming scare. They may be but it doesn't make any difference. The relentless Green machine long ago left behind any need for logic, it is on a mission and reason is swatted aside. Time for the Sabots I think


"Time for the Sabots I think"

Only if you're referring to APDSFS, I'm far beyond a pair of bloody clogs...

The glorious objective of the Utopian Mob has never really changed. Beyond the mist, and the shrubs and trees, between here and tomorrow is the ultimate objective - a vast reduction in global population. Human global population! Utopia is NOT possible under the present circumstances. No amount of carbon sequestration, or any other measure, will achieve the heaven on earth, the perfect life, for the deserving few. Sorry! All I did was the math. That's the answer. Utopia (Eden) only has room for two. Guess we're toast -so to speak.

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