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More WindmIlls NOW!

Wind farm go-aheads are 'key' to climate change target - Scotsman.com News

The Committee on Climate Change's annual progress report for the government has revealed that in the past year just 0.7 gigawatts of new wind capacity was built. This compares to the 3 gigawatts a year needed to meet targets, or the equivalent of about 1,000 new turbines.
The Committee on Climate Change report called for a "step change" in the pace of efforts to drive down emissions.
It revealed greenhouse gases fell by 8.6 per cent last year, but warned this was largely due to the recession, which had created the "illusion" that the UK was tackling climate change.

So let us build in a permanent recession by insisting on erecting ever more white elephants. It isn't the actual whirlygigs that save the carbon but the wasting of the money which stifles useful economic activity.


Red kite found dead at wind farm

Published: 25 June, 2010

A red kite in full flight.

A RARE red kite has been found dead at a Ross-shire wind farm which the RSPB objected to because of fears for the birds.

The bird of prey, which was found at Fairburn wind farm near Muir of Ord, is most likely to have been killed by a collision with a turbine, according to vets and bird experts.

Named Tweety Pie, it had been adopted by Aviemore Primary pupils as part of the RSPB's Eyes to the Skies project which links schools with the red kite population on the Black Isle..................


If you remember the 70's kids' sci-fi series "The Tripods" in which England is an agrarian peasant economy, dominated by huge towering alien machines dotted throughout the landscape.... or if you lived in Crossmaglen under the gaze of Army steel watch towers.... then you will see these windmills as symbols of conquest, a philosophy of "tough shit, we know best" made into metal. You like an unspoiled natural landscape, or birds and bats unmangled? Tough titty, here's a machine that'll never produce more energy than it took to make, interimittently at that. Windmills in the Nuclear Age?

More in the Strathspey and Badenoch Herald


Sadness at loss of 'Tweetie Pie'

Published: 30 June, 2010

AN "adopted" Red Kite, which children at a Strathspey primary school had been tracking as part of a unique RSPB project, has perished after a suspected collision with a wind turbine.

Primary seven youngsters at Aviemore primary had been following the rare bird of prey they had dubbed Tweetie Pie as part of the charity's 'Eyes to the Skies' project.

The two-year project links schools and communities with the Black Isle red kite populations and has involved attaching satellite tags to at least 15 Red Kite chicks so their movements can be followed on-line.

Tweetie Pie was found dead earlier this week at Fairburn wind farm near Dingwall on the Black Isle. The bird was later examined by a Scottish Agricultural College vet and found to have suffered bruising and fractures consistent with it having died through an impact.

It is the second time in just one month that a Red Kite being monitored by pupils in the strath as part of a school project has been found dead.

Aedán Smith, RSPB Scotland's head of planning and development said: "Evidence suggests that the latest kite is most likely to have been killed by collision with a turbine.

"The vast majority of windfarms do not pose any threat to wild bird populations but poorly sited and designed windfarms can cause problems for wildlife.

"Fairburn wind farm was approved despite an objection from RSPB Scotland but we will continue to work closely with SSE and others to find ways of reducing the risk to red kites and other birds from windfarms still further."...........................

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