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Hattersley - at best patronising and at worst denigrating.

Bow down, you poor, to the great god Choice | The Times
Roy Hattersley
Only the middle classes win when you ‘choose’ health or education. Life on the bottom rung saps your initiative
To suggest that there is a section of the population that is unwilling or incapable of fighting for its proper share of public services is to attract the charge of at best patronising and at worst denigrating the working class. The accusation is often made by politicians whose only acquaintance with low-paid workers is watching them clean up after a Bullingdon Club night out. But those of us with closer connections with the working class should not be intimidated into ignoring an inconvenient truth.

Good old Hatters, Man of t'people, noughts too good for them, but they really are stupid and need jolly good chaps like me to run their lives for them..


I'm not so sure. They certainly now how to get the most fromour welfare system. Significantly more than the middle class do.

It's because they prioritise their resources to get the best ROI

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