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Gaurdian Defends Soya Munchers - Slow News Day

Ignore the anti-soya scaremongers | Justine Butler | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
Soya is the great divider; you're either for it, or against it.

Or for some of us it is a great mystery - why, what is it for, why would I want to put it in my mouth? Like going to IKEA, I know people do it, I even have some friends who have done it, but I never have and can't see a reason to do so.


You're putting it into your mouth because it's used as a cheap additive to bulk up processed foods. Check the labels and you'll find that all of a sudden, soya appears to be a very popular ingredient!

And it's in every loaf of bread you buy too...

Since I use a med-school-clinic and thus get a new "primary care" physician every year, and they sometimes I am allergic to [green] vegetables, I tell them I do get veggies - I use non-dairy creamer (for shelf-life, I like dairy) which is largely ground soy. Sometimes soy sauce, too.

But toe-food? Nope.

I love edamame as a starter when I'm eating sushi. They're good roasted too, and very low-carb, which for a type II diabetic like me is a big factor.

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