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Testing Boot Laces

If you don't wear Foundry Boots and start playing with hot metal, and who doesn't enjoy doing that, you will soon find your laces melted, or even better on fire! So we did a quick unrehearsed trial of the ones I sell down the barn yesterday....

Update - of course I should have done a comparison video - here is the best I could do on my own juggling angle grinder in one hand and camera in the other..I didn't manage to get as many sparks on target on the standard mixed fibre bootlace but I think the charring and weakening is quite obvious.


Is there any bootlace that won't survive being vaguely near an angle grinder?
Have you completely taken leave of your senses?

(TE - I suggest you try that test with normal laces and see. If you haven't got an angle grinder to hand try using a lighter. They melt.)

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