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Local Rain Data

Records by Bishops Cannings farmer reach a half century (From The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)

Bishops Cannings farmer Stephen Horton has been recognised by the Environment Agency and Met Office for helping assembling rainfall figures over the last half century.
Mr Horton and his wife Susan of Easton Farm, received the award from Stuart Herridge of the Met Office and Katherine Holmes of the Environment Agency.
Mr Herridge said: “It is rare to have data returned from a single site for longer than five years. Sometimes a farmer will retire and his son will have no interest in following in his footsteps.
“This data is invaluable in keeping tabs on climatic conditions, with particular reference to climate change.”

I wonder what Steve's records show, do they show this corner of Wiltshire has a changing climate? His farm is only a couple of fields form mine and I sometimes go shooting there.
The admission about how rare it is to get any length of records is interesting.


Interesting. That means that the records even from the same place may not be consistent. If a farmer retires and his son takes over then he may not handle the process the same way and this could lead to a riseor fall of the records which is unrelated to the real data and nowhere would this be identified.

I wonder how many stations actually have the same people reading them and I wonder how many have been taken over by whingy whiney greenies tweaking the figures.

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