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Hurrah for Nonna

BRITISH holidaymakers heading to Italy this summer may be advised to keep an eye on public notices after as numerous councils have brought in lists of silly laws.
Power-crazed mayors are enforcing a zero tolerance summer across the country after being given sweeping new powers to protect public security as well as clamping down on illegal street selling.

Among other edicts that have amounted to the ultimate "stato di nonna" - or nanny state - are bans on public kissing, sand castles, noisy sandals, lawn mowers and leaving a towel unattended on the beach to bag a top spot.

I'm not sure I don't rather approve. Obviously I don't mind sand castles but the rest ruin sea side holidays, especially the noisy sandals...


noisy sandals? What about ghetto blasters blaring out gangstarap and hip hop at 120dB?
public kissing? What about full scale orgies (usually homosexual) on public beaches and in public parks, in full sight on children and under the watchful eye of hordes of onlookers?
Any unattended towel however is so much litter and should be removed as such, with the owner being fined for littering.

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