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The Cost of Royalty

Hague concern as Tony Blair's police bodyguards cost £250,000 in expenses
It comes in addition to the basic cost to the public of protecting Mr Blair and his family over a year, including officers’ wages, which is estimated at £6 million.
Mr Blair is thought to have boosted his personal fortune to £20 million since leaving office.
Tony Blair's fortune is predicted to be £45million next year

The Queen's Civil List is frozen at £7.9million. The Crown Estate’s surplus (profit) goes to the Exchequer and helps reduce the fiscal deficit. In the past decade, The Crown Estate has contributed £1.8 billion to the Exchequer.


And don't forget that if we had a President, all the ex-Presidents would need similar round the clock security. That could mean more people on the taxpayers back. At least the Queen goes on until she dies, then we pay for Charlie. Not 2 or more ex-presidents as well as the incumbent.

As I understand it, (and I may be wrong on this as it may have changed under later governments from when I studied it) the Royal Estates are the property of the crown and the reigning monarch may (at the beginning of their reign) choose to either a) manage them personally and forfeit the civil list or b) allow the estates to be maintained by the government and draw a civil list pension from the proceeds.

If I am right, it might be better for Charles to manage them personally because whether you know this or not, he is a very astute business man.

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