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Believe in Weather not Climate

Big freeze changes minds on global warming - Scotsman.com News

A THIRD of Scots have changed their views on climate change due to the winter big freeze and the "climategate" scandal, a study for The Scotsman has revealed.
More than 1,000 people in Scotland were questioned about their opinions on climate change The results showed 85 per cent believe climate change is happening and 72 per cent think it is largely caused by human activities, such as greenhouse gas emissions from power stations and transport.
However, the study also showed that 30 per cent had changed their opinion about the science to back up climate change over the past year.
Of this 30 per cent, 62 per cent said it was because Scotland had just had its second coldest winter on record.
And a quarter of those whose opinions had altered said this was due to the so called "climategate" scandal involving leaked e-mails from the University of East Anglia.
Environment groups said it was encouraging so many people accepted climate change was happening, and that the majority thought it was caused by humans. However, they added that it was a huge challenge to explain to people the difference between weather and climate.
They want to get the message across that local cold weather does not alter the trend of global climate warming.

So 72% believe climate change is happening and largely caused by humans, yet 30% of the sample have changed their mind. So did 102% believe before or am I missing something?


And what about the 'don't knows'?

98% merely believed. The remaining 2% really, really, believed so they count double. (source - thin air). Figures verified by the difficult sums department at CRU.

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