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Cry Freedom

HMG - Your Freedom
The Coalition Government is committed to restoring and defending your freedom – and we're asking you to participate.

They are looking for ideas on this website - I'm not sure everyone has quite got the idea - you may want to comment...

Ban the law that says it's 'ok' to have a firearm — HMG - Your Freedom
A gun is a license to murder. That's all they are for. In 2009, 60 people died to gun violence alone. It's time to follow the route of civilised countries like China, North Korea and Turkmenistan and have a TOTAL ban on guns and a 10 year jail sentence for those who have them.
Someone who owns a firearm will use it against someone eventually.
Please visit our site: http://guncontrolnetwork.blogspot.com


Thanks for the link; that idiots rantings gave me more laughs than the Comic Relief website.

I don't know how much coverage that first story about the grandmother got South of the border but there a few other factors that are not mentioned in that short report.

Would it help the police in Rothbury to have lots of "concerned citizens" walking or driving around with guns? I suspect not.

Popular site I see. One whole follower.

60 people a year die from guns?

Out of 60 million.


Er, most would be criminals, yes?

Unlike the far larger number or people killed on the roads.

So, ban roads and vehicles and arm all the criminals.

Fairly epic failure of most people's irony detectors over there I see. Someone is taking the piss, viz: "The police are there to protect us, self defence should not be allowed."

I agree with David Gillies - note also the quote: "civilised countries like China, North Korea and Turkmenistan".

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