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Moat -The Great Escape

Raoul Moat hunt one of most expensive in police history - mirror.co.uk
The search for Raoul Moat is one of the most expensive manhunts in British police history with the final bill expected to run into millions.
Hundreds of officers from 15 different forces, many of them specialist marksmen and sniffer dog handlers, are involved round the clock.
Around one-tenth of all UK armed police who are available for duty have been called up. The Met has sent 40 specialist firearms officers and the Police Service of Northern Ireland has provided 20 armoured cars. RAF Tornados have also been sweeping the area in the increasingly desperate hunt.

Questions need to be asked, a small 2000 population village surrounded by fields.... And why did it take so long to persuade him to top himself and save us all a lot of bother. "You, gun, down, No? Bang" Off to the pub to celebrate.


Perhaps they should have asked someone from the House of Lords.

They'd know how to get a moat cleaned up a bit cheaper.

Maybe it is my distrust of the authorities but with the info being leaked slowly. First he topped himself, then they fired a taser, then two tasers .... Soon we will read we was riddled with holes.

I wonder what his story was. OK, he was a nutter and a lousy shot but there is more to what triggered him than we will ever know. I wonder if what it was could be the trigger for any of us.

He also had some loyal friends, I bet most of us don't have people who would put themselves at risk like his pals did.

A tale we will never hear now.

The Mail seems to be stirring things up a bit with Brian Paddick and Peter Hitchens making necessarily awkward points.

Why have our Police become, and been allowed to become, paramilitaries?
Why was a drug dealing thug only dealt with when he started harming children?
Why was someone who was a possible threat to the Police and at the very least his family, let out of Prison?

To partly answer the three questions supposedly asked by Paddick and Hitchens.

The police became 'paramilitary'during Paddick's time as a very senior officer in the Met. He didn't do anything about it then, rendering his current protestations somewhat hypocritical.

The reason this 'drug dealer' was only dealt with when he started to assault children is that there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute him on previous occasions.

And finally, the reason he was let out of prison when he posed a possible threat to both the police and his family, is that he had completed his sentence, having served the requisite period of it.

More rabble-rousing lazy journalism from the hacks at the Fail, I'm afraid.

There is a new government.
There is a need for austerity cuts in government spending.
the police put on a show that proves they must not be cut.

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