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Three Police Shot in UK - and you won't read of it in London

Three police officers were shot in Belfast on Sunday night.
The two men and one woman were blasted with a shotgun fired by a masked man, who emerged from a crowd of nationalists who attacked the police as traditional Protestant 11th Night celebrations took place.

Another 24 police officers sustained injuries in that and a further separate riot in Belfast last night. Police said none of the injuries was life-threatening.
In south Belfast, police were attacked by petrol bombers as an Orange march passed another traditional flashpoint at the Ormeau bridge.
Elsewhere in the city, a hijacked bus containing a suspicious device was abandoned outside Woodburn police station. It was later declared an elaborate hoax. A car was later hijacked in the Oldpark Road area of north Belfast and found abandoned on nearby Alliance Avenue.
Police said a police officer was taken to hospital after she was struck by a missile in the disturbances.
Other officers were also injured in the disorder. A blast bomb was among the missiles that had been thrown at them.

The London based media will ignore this and shrug it of as boys being boys.....


Sailing for the Canadas in the early 19th Century to seek a new life was the best thing my Irish ancestors ever did.

Anyone living in Northern Ireland is a prisoner of history.

As long as there are people who want to march about a battle that took place hundreds of years ago (why? who cares?) and others who want to stop them (why? who cares?) I suppose this sort of thing will continue. If they feel that strongly about it (why? who cares?).

Forgive us mainland Brits if we find the whole thing incomprehensible and boring.

I mean, wtf? Marches, parades? wtf?

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