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Camp as a row of comrades

Camping for communists | Aditya Chakrabortty | Comment is free | The Guardian

Why camping – with its shared tasks and flattened hierarchies – is an exercise in practical communism

If you want to ponce about in a tented village maybe it is. The only camping that attracts me is near solitude in the wilderness. I'm too old and fat to be a "rugged individualist" but I fail to see that a yearning to be is bringing out the inner Pinko in me.


Shared tasks and flattened hierarchies an exercise in practical communism?

Dream on.

If camping reflected "practical communism", the camp director would be staying at the local Marriot and the campers would have no tents.

Camping has never appealed, the Mrs and I tried it once and confirmed to ourselves that our instincts were indeed correct (we now regard 3 Star hotels and below as camping). Since communism also has not appealed since the mid-teens, if the former is a practical example of the latter, it might explain why neither appear attractive.

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