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Basically it has a fishy smell to it

Acidic oceans cause fish to lose ability to smell danger - Telegraph

The researchers, who will reveal their findings at a conference in Belfast on fish and climate change later this month, showed that in the wild, these fish larvae take greater risks, swimming further from shelter that might hide them from predators.
More of the fish larvae also die in the wild, sparking fears that fish populations could struggle to survive and replenish themselves as oceans become more acidic.
Scientists predict that the world’s oceans will grow increasingly acidic as levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rise due to human activity and dissolve in the sea.
It is already known that ocean acidification will be catastrophic for shellfish as the weakly acidic water makes it harder for them to grow shells.
“The predictions for how acidic the oceans will become are pretty bleak, so it is clear it will have a major impact.”

The oceans are not, in fact, acidic, but slightly basic.
Historical global mean seawater values are approximately 8.16
However, even a small change in pH may lead to large changes in ocean chemistry and ecosystem functioning. Over the past 300 million years, global mean ocean pH values have probably never been more than 0.6 units lower than today
Based on the emissions scenarios of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and general circulation models, we may expect a drop in ocean pH of about 0.4 pH units by the end of this century.

I get a sense that they have a conference they are getting desperate to get attention for...


We're on the cusp of having to oppose these bozos. It ain't gonna be easy.

Fish always better with vinegar. Vinegar acid. Ergo acidic seawater good for fishes.

QED and goodnight.

But vinegar is the acid of choice when demonstrating that an increase in dissolved CO2 is harmful to seashells.

Fish larvae taking greater risks?
Darwin at work!

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