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Times Shock Horror Lead - Evil Oil Funds Sceptics

Oil giant gave £1 million to fund climate sceptics
ExxonMobil, parent company of Esso, gave almost £1 million last year to organisations that campaign against controls on greenhouse gas emissions.
The scientists were exonerated this month by an independent inquiry but groups funded by Exxon have continued to lambast them.
Bob Ward, policy director at the London School of Economics’ Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change, who has been monitoring Exxon’s links to sceptic groups, said: “Exxon has engaged in a public relations campaign to convince the world that it has stopped funding climate sceptic groups. But this has turned out to be pure greenwash. Exxon has continued to provide financial support for many groups that are engaged in activities to persuade the public and policymakers into wrongly believing that climate change is a hoax.
“The aim of these groups, some of which try to keep their sponsors secret, is blatantly obvious: to delay government regulation that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by restricting the use of oil, gas and coal.”

This is The Times lead story, hardly worth paying for!
Will it get any traction in the blogosphere as it won't be linked to?


It may get traction if someone does the research and finds out how much Exxon gave to "environmentalist" and "green" groups, which I suspect (on no evidence whatever, true, other than past performance of various energy giants) to be much larger.

And "Exonerated" by "Independent" reports? Oy!

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