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Bin Police and Snoopers Are Active In Your Neighbourhood

Council snoopers target bins for clues to race and wealth
At least 90 local authorities have employed social profiling techniques to match types of rubbish to different ethnic groups and levels of income.
Officials and private contractors are tasked with examining the contents of families’ bins, checking supermarket labels, waste food and discarded mail.
The exercise is part of a recycling initiative so councils can target households in different social categories with leafleting campaigns

And worries where the Greens want to lead society to are just paranoia...

Government guidance for the scheme suggested that all checks on bins should be done without the knowledge of the householders.
“Ideally, you do not want to inform the public of an audit taking place, as this could alter their disposal behaviour,” it said.

When I have to put dog shit in my bin I make sure it isn't wrapped or bagged, just in case someone wants to sort through it by hand.


Best to make sure that everything other than turds is turned into ash before putting it in the bin (with the possible exception of fish heads, sanitary towels etc.)

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