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In Tellytubby land the sun always shines and the windmill turns....

BBC News - Wind turbines 'set for increase'

The number of UK wind turbines is set to rise to avert a power crisis, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has indicated.
Speaking ahead of a key policy statement to the Commons on Tuesday, Mr Huhne identified Dogger Bank in the North Sea as a prime area for further offshore development.
"It's relatively cheap to put wind turbines in that shallow area," he said.
"It's beautifully windy so it does actually produce a lot of electricity - that is a really important natural resource for us."
Mr Huhne said the UK needed to become more independent in energy production to allow it to withstand "shocks from the outside world".
"The lights will not go out on my watch," he said.
The Energy Secretary said it was feasible for Britain to be totally self-sufficient thanks to renewable sources, which also includes wave power and harnessing tidal streams.

Buy a generator is the only rational response for a home owner....


And where I reside, on the coast of the North West Of England, a foreign company called Dong is erecting another 85 white elephants on the sea bed owned by the Crown Estate (which may or may not be owned by the Queen depending on which blog you read) all of the existing turbines stand still when it is sunny and stand equally still when it is freezing cold.

If ever there was a case of 'follow the money' to see why this sort of crap is being done wind energy is it. I am following it and have yet to find out who precisely is behind it but what I have discovered is it's simply another method of shifting the taxpayers pounds out of their pockets and into the pockets of the worldwide private banking cartels to keep the money (credit is debt) scam going.

Going off grid is becoming ever more appealing and is making a lot more sense because each day coal, gas and nuclear power plants are getting older and will be de-commisioned without replacements within what is left of my lifetime so engineered energy shortages are coming at some point unless some sort of rebellion happens and the banksters and their political puppets are taken down permanently.

It is outrageous that a cretin like Huhne could possibly be in the position he now holds. The limitations of wind turbines were laid out in 1919 but in his article he still refers to "installed capacity" a very different thing from actual capacity. Again he does not mention the problem of load changing through the day. For some strange reason he did not notice the long periods since Christmas when the wind did not blow.
What particularly niggles is that there is an amount added to energy bills for these "renewables" but with no indication of how much is involved, most people do not, therefore, realise that they are filling the pockets of a rich clique.

Cloud cuckoo land is a wonderful place to live ... so they say.

As we gradually approach the inevitable Great UK Powerdown, all we get from Chris Loon is more wind, water and waffle.

He seems to think if he keeps repeating his lefty lies often enough, somehow the winds will blow (at the correct speed), all of the time (not when they choose); that the tides will ebb and flow gently (and no storms will batter the generators to death); that we'll all use less power (and not more as every sane energy economist predicts) so more generating plant will not be needed and that unicorns will dance across village greens across the land.

Huhne the Loon is a truely fanaticical member of the Cult of The Green God.

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