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A Degree that is worth the money paid for it

BBC News - First private university in decades to be created
The UK's first new private sector university college for more than 30 years is being announced by the universities minister.
David Willetts will allow London-based BPP, which has 14 regional branches, to become a university college.
"The education landscape is changing, and over the next decade we will see a different picture emerging, where both students and employers will drive demand for their preferred method of study and training," says BPP chief executive, Carl Lygo.
"We see ourselves as a pioneer in this field, and hope that our unique status and self-funding model will lead the way in which other providers will be able to operate in."

It is especially hopeful that they plan to over teaching degrees.


One of the best ways to sort out the current uni funding/student loans/nonsense degree argument would be to give each of the the top 30 unis (ie the older ones) a big chunk of money in some form of endowment and tell them to go away and get on with it by themselves. Let them charge what they like, teach what they like, accept who they like, pay what they like etc.

Within a couple of years we'd see the very best students queuing up to get good degress that were actually worth something...and banks willing to loan them the money to do it.

The other unis would go bust...and good riddance to them.

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