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Real Environmentalism Call

Important issues affecting the countryside have been overlooked because of the focus on the problems of climate change, - Telegraph

Real conservation, real problem solving has been losing out to its fashionable illusory sister for too long. But judging by the first responses to requests to identify problems in the British countryside - the need to reintroduce bears and wolves and ban factory farming - there are plenty of other phantasms out there.


Saddening to read about the staggering decline of the flower-rich meadows & if as is stated the honeybees are in crises, resulting in a major drop in pollination, it will impact on the British economy as well as the environment we live in. Are the measures being discussed sufficient to arrest the decline??

Unlikely, we don't grow many bee pollinated crops.

And what are we supposed to do with flower rich meadows in the current agricultural environment? Certainly not an economical thing to preserve. They will need subsidies.

The problem here is that subsidies encourage the intensive farming of the British countryside. If we stop subsidies then a large part of the British countryside will be abandoned and/or sold to more productive uses. The remainder will either be intensively managed (the productive bits), or managed much less intensively with a focus on other revenue streams like tourism. This will benefit biodiversity and the consumer.

I think your right, pretty flowers are one thing but unless you can supply the floristry industry there is little chance farmers will go this route. I take the point about intensive farming and subsidies. There used to be a set aside subsidy to encourage farmers to leave land fallow for a while not sure if this this exists, any ideas?

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