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Quango Hunting

The great quango cull
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My heart bleeds....


£180m of cuts 'a blow to the NHS'????????

Great Scott! This year the NHS budget is £119 BILLION, the cuts about which Mr Morris's knickers are becoming so twisted represent 0.15% which given the likely accuracy of government accounting won't even get noticed in all the noise.

Either this man is an innumerate twit or a journalist of conviction who cares little for the detachment his profession claims is its hallmark.

You have to love this line however:

"critics warn that axing some of the bodies will remove the independent system for monitoring the work of government.

Since when have Quangos been "independent"? They are virtually unaccountable to any recognised public scrutiny and are largely managed by appointees and placemen of the ruling elite. Their ability to independently monitor the government is compromised to say the very least.

The only proper independent monitor of government is parliament. That it does not and/or cannot be arsed to perform this function should be a matter of national outcry. It should certainly be of great concern to the likes of Nigel Morris.

Honestly he isn't fit to write the weekly WI Diary in the Walmington-on-Sea Advertiser let alone pass comment on matters f national political importance.

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