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Snow Job

Householders who clear snow "should not be sued" - Telegraph

Troubleshooters called in by the Department for Transport have called for the creation of a “snow code” to provide protection against litigation.
Householders who stuck to the code would have a defence if they were sued.

“The scale of the task requires citizens to be mobilised into clearing footways outside their properties as quickly as possible,” the report noted.
“We believe that this can be done without the prescriptive legislation of Germany and we see a solution in which the public are encouraged to undertake this role in a voluntary way, but guided by clear Government instructions on how the work can be done in a safe and efficient way.”
The recommendations are contained in a report written by a team headed by David Quarmby, currently the chairman of the RAC Foundation and formerly the chairman of the Strategic Rail Authority

So the DofT had to employ outside consultants to come up with these brilliant ideas? No one inside the office had a spare half hour? It all stinks of the Europeanisation of our legal system. If what you do is reasonable then it is defensible. We certainly don't need fat cats demanding that the Citizens need to be mobilised and made to follow strict Government codes as they help their neighbours.


"We certainly don't need fat cats demanding that the Citizens need to be mobilised and made to follow strict Government codes"

We do now, that we are moving from a Common Law system to a Napoleonic system.

Under EUSSR, everything is forbidden except what the State allows you to do, hence the need for srict Government codes.

Did you think you were still living in a free country or something?

I think I'll just leave mine so that when they change theirminds later I won't get caught out.

This way everyone falling over will be the councils fault.

In many US areas, it is illegal to NOT shovel snow from walks. Not only heavy fines, but of cpurse, civil lawsuits over injuries.

And in a recent case it was decided that it does not matter from whence the snow comes. Just cleared the walk but the government plow then pushed snow from the road onto the walk? Start shovelling.

In the ruling, Justice Ralph Gants wrote that it “is not reasonable for a property owner to leave snow or ice on a walkway where it is reasonable to expect that a hardy New England visitor would choose to risk crossing the snow or ice, rather than turn back or attempt an equally or more perilous walk around it.’’

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