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Fryer, Fryer, Pants on Fire.

Global warming pushes 2010 temperatures to record highs | Environment | guardian.co.uk
Publishing the newly collated data in London, Peter Stott, the head of climate modelling at the UK Met Office, said despite variations between individual years, the evidence was unequivocal:...
One key data set omitted was sea ice in the Antarctic, because it was increasing in some areas and decreasing in others, due to reduced ozone causing changes in wind patterns and sea-surface circulation. This data set showed no clear trend, said Stott.

Brazen, they even admit they leave out inconvenient data. "No clear trend", compared to the clear trends made up else where I suppose...


The UK Met Office?

You'd think they would have the decency to shut up for a bit, considering the ghastly horlicks they've made of practically every long-term forecast they have ever put out.

Do these people have no shame?

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