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Roll Up For The Well Funded Show

Obama must take a lead on climate change – and soon | Jeffrey Sachs | Environment | guardian.co.uk

May was the warmest month ever. Intense heat waves are currently hitting many parts of the world, yet still we fail to act

(There is a)...problem in addressing climate change, which stems from a combination of the economic implications of the issue and the uncertainty that surrounds it. This is reflected in the brutal, destructive campaign against climate science by powerful vested interests and ideologues, apparently aimed at creating an atmosphere of ignorance and confusion.
Major oil companies and other big corporate interests are also playing this game, and have financed disreputable PR campaigns against climate science. Their general approach is to exaggerate the uncertainties of climate science and to leave the impression that climate scientists are engaged in some kind of conspiracy to frighten the public. It is an absurd charge, but absurd charges can gather public support if presented in a slick, well-funded format.

Well funded? Compared to the pittance the noble warmists get? You're having a laugh, or is it that my bank details have got lost in the post? I can supply them again if needed.....


In many parts of the world, it's colder than normal.

Certainly running below average temperatures on our part of Vancouver Island. We're gearing up for a cold one this Winter, just in case.

The first obligation of a 'scientist' is to be skeptical. He/she must doubt. He/she must gather all of the known facts and see if a theory can be constructed to account for ALL of those facts. He/she must develop the logical conseqences of the facts and the theory to create hypothoses that can be tested. He/she must test and retest ad account for the new information revealed - positive or negative - withing the theory. It they do not fit, they must change the tehroy.

The article writer 'asserts' much, especially about a massive conspiracy, well funded by nefarious industrial bodies, but offers not one shred of testable 'fact'. No evidence at all.

Sherlock Holmes said to his companion and chronicaler, "It is a Capital error, my dear Watson, to make the facts fit the theory. You must change the theory to fit the facts.". Lord knows what he would have said about mere unsupported asssertion. Probably - "I see a dark shadow behind all of this Watson. My old nemesis, the most dangerous force in the world today, Moriarty."

"Intense heatwaves are hitting many parts of the world"

And of course this is unprecedented in the middle of the Northern summer.

How about we ask some people in Chile or Argentina?

But I forgot - when it's cold it is just weather, but when it's warm then it is climate change.

Desperation is setting in, it can't be long before the wheels finally come off, can it?

Obama is probably their last hope, given that the boy Dave has no global visibility or influence.

US national debt is at $13 trillion.

Hell, what's four or five trillion more if it'll help the rise of the oceans to begin to slow and our planet to begin to heal?

"Hell, what's four or five trillion more if it'll help the rise of the oceans to begin to slow and our planet to begin to heal?" comments, JJM.

The seas are NOT rising and who says the Planet needs healing?

What do you say when a tsunami rolls across the ocean and crashes three miles inland wiping out forests or an earthquake rips great scars in the land? Or when a Mt St Helens or Krakatoa blows a billion tons of sulphur and CO2 into the atmosphere blanketing thousands of square miles in ash. Now that is when a bit of 'healing' is needed.

Human beings are piddling in effect.

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