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Slop Buckets For All

Cutting waste to landfill will mean incinerators and slop buckets - Telegraph

The UK has to reduce landfill by 75 per cent on 1995 levels by 2013 or face billions of pounds worth of fines from Europe.
The waste review suggests a ban on dumping biodegradable waste like food in landfill. This will mean slop buckets in most people’s homes as food waste will have to be collected separately. Already one in four councils collect food waste separately and more are expected to follow.
It also means the Government will have to build 500 new energy from waste plants to deal with the biodegradable waste.
Alan Whitehead, the Labour MP and chairman of the Associate Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group, said communities will have to accept more waste plants if the UK is to meet targets on cutting landfill.
“Something is going to have to change in terms of how we manage our waste,” he said. “You can do that by telling people they are going to have a great big waste plant next door or you can do it by discussing it with the local people and encouraging community ownership.”
But Julian Kirby, Friends of the Earth’s resource use campaigner, said communities would not accept incinerators.
“Suggesting people will accept incinerators if they come in pretty buildings with a cash reward belittles the valid arguments that communities have against them,” he said.
“Incinerators trap councils in decades-long costly contracts and belch out climate changing gases.”

So if it wasn't for the Eu we could just put it all in a hole in the ground out of sight, cover it over so it wasn't offensive, trap the methane and produce power with it and lock up the rest of the carbon in the rubbish for hundreds of years, as it is underground. And not spend millions on new systems and have to have slop buckets under the kitchen table. So why are we doing it again?


If you have waste food and the council won't take it, send it to them through the sewage system, it's only cutting out the middle man.

We have the same issue in the vastness of Canada. I only want to make a few points:

1. Is htere a world shortage of holes?
2. Why not incineration?
3. The "belching out of climate changing gases" is utter tosh.
4. Incineration produces energy and is clean - CO2 is not pollution.
5. Why the absurd demand to reduce garbage to some arbitary level?

I have always understood that we have plenty of holes that need filling. I seem to recall a comment on a blog that gave figures for the size of available holes compared to the volume of waste, and there was more than enough room for landfill. We used to do it with no harmful effects and as you say we could use any methane usefully. But then that wouldn't drive us back to the past would it. Why do these b****ds hate us so much?

Sorry, as a Canadian, I have to say it: why do you folks put up with this nonsense all the time?

C'mon, Mother of the Free, where did all that grit and gumption go?

What was the Battle of Britain all about?

Is Brussels just getting back at the rest of Europe for Belgium havung been the route for the invasion of France?

Or have they watched some Monty Python and think that is the way governing should be done - in as silly a way as possible? Send some DVDs of Yes, Minister as soon as possible - it would be an improvement to use that as a model.

Unlike the remainder of the EU we are quite well endowed (ooh er missus!) with holes as we have used our refuse tips for land reclamation. In fact it was his toniness wanting to look good with the EU Politburo who signed us up to this nonsense. I have a use for some of the potentially redundant holes myself...
Shoot, Shovel, Say Nowt.

There was a landfill site in the 1960s in the area where I grew up. By the 1990s the waste had settled and houses built. When did landfill become such a dirty word?

Isn't coal just rotten trees?

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