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Last night I think I slipped into a timewarp...

Walking back to the car park from an evening out I came across this slice of Olde England blocking the road. Lacock village is owned by the National Trust and often used for films. What the Morris Dancers were doing there I have no idea...


I do think you might get out of your castle a bit more often! What the Morrismen were doing was what Morris Sides throughout the country do in the summer - they dance out to entertain and for their own pleasure. The Morris side in your video probably dance at Lacock every year, as well as villages elsewhere in that part of the world. In all probability they would dance on a couple of dozen occasions throughout the summer, either regularly one evening a week or at fetes or special Morris Dance weekends. We are not dealing with isolated time warps here, but living traditions found everywhere.

Wonderful. And, in an age of HDTV, PCs, Lady Gaga and video games, the kids were enjoying it too.

I was particularly charmed by the gentleman in front handing out leaflets. Note to certain unnamed* minority groups: it is perfectly possible to become an Englishman if you just care enough about the society you've chosen to live in.

I reckon those sticks would be handy for clubbing squirrels too.

* Though no doubt some of these groups might be a bit huffy if they knew how the term "Morris" originated! Screw 'em.

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