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On Rape Knives, CCTV and Environmentalism


For your agricultural edification the vertical cutting bar this side of the combine is a "Rape Knife" used to cut through the leaning stems of Oilseed Rape, or other crop, to enable a clean edge to the harvested area. The CCTV camera on the other side of the combine watches the edge from the previous pass and steers the combine to inch accuracy to ensure the whole width of the combine is actually cutting the crop and not missing any. No more human inefficiency in modern agriculture!
The crop yield is monitored continually and mapped using GPS and next year the field will have its fertilizer tailored according to the output with the applicator altering rates as it travels across the field. Ensuring optimum usage and no waste.
Progress cuts inputs and maximizes outputs. Real environmentalism rather than muck and mystery.


Very impressive stuff.

Nice little story on FORARGYLL yesterday about someone taking a couple of city people to a farm for the first time.


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