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RSPCA Clone Clowns

The RSPCA is complaining that it is rumoured that a a "cloned" cow is no longer in the laboratory but actually producing milk for your breakfast.
I thought I would check why they are complaining as I presume they aren't suggesting poor old Daisy is being whipped and sent up chimneys instead of being allowed to chew the cud in peace.

RSPCA GCSE Education - Background information provided for students

The cloning of animals involves subjecting them to painful and distressing procedures, and is of serious ethical and welfare concern for the RSPCA for several reasons:
....while being cloned, animals experience life in a laboratory, in the same conditions as any research animal, which are far from ideal in terms of space and providing animals with the ability to express normal behaviours
creation of 'copies' of pets, successful sports horses, and endangered (or even extinct) species is completely unacceptable - there can be no justification for cloning animals to improve performance, or for 'recreating' a pet, when there are thousands of unwanted cats and dogs who could be given a loving home instead.

"No justification for cloning animals to improve performance"? Let us ignore their baseless dismissal of the pet idea (The RSPCA seems happy enough to shoot pets that stray into its care anyway) but look again at the performance quote. We are not talking racehorses we are talking milking cows, goats that can survive better on saline scrub, pigs that produce healthier bacon, replacement human body parts. No justification?


It’s “unacceptable” to clone even to aid endangered or even extinct species? Based on what ? So reintroducing a species exterminated my man – like the Tasmanian Tiger – using DNA samples is unethical because they say so? They really do hate animals.

The RSPCA are a joke "charity" with a fascist agenda. I will never donate to them again - they apparently have the right to break into your house and steal your pets if they choose to (thanks for that, Labour).

This might convert you to muck and magic.


"painful and distressing procedures", like artificial insemination, which has been going on for how long now?

Sorry, but ranting on -
= = =

"The cloning of animals involves subjecting them to painful and distressing procedures..."

Lost me right there. Cloning is one cell in a Petri dish becoming two cells, then the two separated. Never heard of identical twins? They are clones - just not by way of human intervention.

Yes, the first couple of generations will spend more time in a lab than on Old McDonald's Farm. They will not accidentally eat cow parsley and die, break a leg in a pothole...

No justification for doing it to improve (from our point of view) a line. Never mind that farmers have been doing gene work for thousands of years to improve dogs, horses, cattle, and an enormous range of other animals, and perhaps even more plants: anything new is always a bad thing, right?

And that bit about getting a new pet (from some animal shelter or whatever, not a pet store or breeder) rather than cloning the one you have - from their own piece "A company in the USA once advertised a service to clone pet cats, but it closed down, due to lack of demand." Not to mention enormous cost for a one-shot vs ongoing.

"many cloned animals are born with abnormalities, such as respiratory problems, tumours and liver defects, and they often have a reduced lifespan" And I am sure the first time a wolf cub was brought home everything worked out splendidly for all concerned. Or the tries at eating manioc root - a staple in areas where it grows, but only after many deaths since it is poisonous unless the sap/juice is fully withdrawn. Heck, some of the green parts of potatoes are poisonous - how many died before that was understood?

Yes, there are some concerns. But address them, do not just say "We think it icky and will not let you do it [even if it is the correct thing to do, which we will never know because our minds are already made up]."

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