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56m NHS.ORG pages and all of them....

NHS spends millions on websites that fail patients, says government report
The NHS spends up to £86m a year on thousands of websites that are difficult to find, badly designed and irrelevant to patient needs, according to a leaked government report.
The Department of Health's digital communications review, circulated internally in June, identified 4,121 NHS websites – but noted that more than 1,000 were no longer accessible.
A layer of NHS bureaucracy, represented by websites built by primary care trusts, foundation trusts and strategic health authorities, received "almost no recognition" from the public. "The question is raised why these sites were developed in the first instance," the report says.
Experts say the problem is that user experiences of the web are shaped by buying air tickets, booking seats at the theatre or ordering from supermarkets.
"The problem with most NHS websites is that you the patient cannot do the things you want to do, like booking a doctor's appointment or requesting prescriptions or getting someone to give you a call about a problem," said Jon Hoeksma, editor of E-Health Insider.

Book seats at the theatre - no problem. Book a visit to the operating theatre - no can do. I wonder why that is.


Sure, maybe not the operating theatre but why not an appointment slot with the Quack?

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