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Amazongate II - The scary sequel starring Angelina Jolie

Climate change could destroy 80 per cent of rainforest by next century - Telegraph

Asner and his team made their findings by looking at global deforestation and logging maps from satellite imagery, and high-resolution data from 16 climate-change projections worldwide.
They then ran scenarios on how different types of species could be geographically reshuffled by 2100.
The results showed only 18 per cent- less than a fifth – to 45 per cent – less than half- of the plants and animals making up ecosystems in tropical rainforests may remain as we known them today.
Daniel Nepstad, senior scientist at the Woods Hole Research Center, which studies climate change in Massachusetts, said: "This study is the strongest evidence yet..."

What even stronger than the evidence used in Amazongate? The evidence seems to consist of looking at Google Earth and extrapolating data 90 years into the future.
I have just done the same in a similar experiment and I have mapped Angelina Jolie's movement around the world, and I have charted the history her new sexual relationships and in 2010 she will be in Wiltshire and it will be my turn!
(Of course she has been happily married now for a few years and so the number has been at zero for new relationships. My super-secret Mannoscopic data process "hides the decline" and the graph continues to reach dizzy new heights.)
((Of course in 2100 she might not be looking so hot so I might have to refuse the offer, but the possibility of such a mitigation strategy preventing it happening is not a reason for us not to spend zillions now to prevent it happening))
(((Of course I will still be up for it, just I might choose not to.....)))


" and high-resolution data from 16 climate-change projections worldwide."

Even the IPCC admit the climate models are shit at regional projections.



The threat to the rain forest is deforestation for growing crops, not climate. That is a matter of proper policing and management of resources. However, just leaving it at that would cut off funding for research into how the Amazon works hence the conflating of a public good and natural resources issue with a speculative, secretive and shoddy branch of pseudo-science. So long as the forest is in mortal danger (projecting further and further into the future to maintain the threat) money will keep being handed over.

Please remember "Woods Hole Research Center" is a rip-off name trading on the internationally-prominent oceanographic organisation "Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution."

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