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The Answer of the Olympic Zil Lanes

Right turn ban on Olympic VIP lanes - Telegraph
It has triggered fears that the creation of so-called "Games Lanes" will create traffic chaos in the capital...lengthening journeys for Londoners, while members of the "Olympic Family" are sped from the heart of the capital to Stratford.
A spokesman for the ODA justified the restrictions.“The Olympic Route Network is critical to the success of the Games. Where measures such as temporarily removing right-hand turns are necessary, we will ensure there is an alternative, safe route available to road users.

The Romans had an answer ....The late Roman writer Vegetius, referring in his work De Re Militari to scythed chariots, wrote:

The armed chariots used in war by Antiochus and Mithridates at first terrified the Romans, but they afterwards made a jest of them. As a chariot of this sort does not always meet with plain and level ground, the least obstruction stops it. And if one of the horses be either killed or wounded, it falls into the enemy's hands. The Roman soldiers rendered them useless chiefly by the following contrivance: at the instant the engagement began, they strewed the field of battle with caltrops, and the horses that drew the chariots, running full speed on them, were infallibly destroyed. A caltrop is a device composed of four spikes or points arranged so that in whatever manner it is thrown on the ground, it rests on three and presents the fourth upright.

Chariots, limos, Antiochus and Mithridates, corrupt fat fuckers and Seb Coe; they are all the same to two bits of bent wire...


Plenty of hollow tine caltrops for sale online, nobody i know would ever have bought any for use during the eid madness in Manchester...honest.

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