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Swindon Speed Numbers

Speed camera switch-off sees fewer accidents - Telegraph

Accident data shows that in the first nine months after the devices were scrapped in Swindon, there were 315 road casualties in the area as a whole, compared with 327 in the same period the previous year.
In total there were two fatalities – compared with four in the same period previously – and 44 serious injuries, down from 48.

I am not sure that these figures would pass a proper statistical significance test as a proof, but they can be called at least indicative.
And proof that the turning off the cameras didn't lead to an immediate massacre of the innocents.
If there had been a slight rise in accidents I'm also sure that the Speed Camorra would not be urging restraint on the use of the numbers until a longer period has been recorded. I seem to recall this was an experiment that was too dangerous to run in the first place.


Much as you would expect. Removing an additional task from drivers (scanning the road for cameras and reacting accordingly) allows them to spend more time on looking after their own safety.

Fair's fair. I seems to recall Swindon didn't just turn off the cameras, they also converted a load into radar activated signs that warned drivers they were going too fast - a measure that apparently met with widespread driver approval.

Can't fault the rest of the analysis though - it's funny how the fake charity mob suddenly discover scientific priciples when their pet sinecures are under threat isn't it?

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