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What you are not missing in your super soaraway Times

Home-grown melons to go on sale as Britain warms to exotic crops | The Times
Paul Simons - August 9 2010
Melons grown in the Midlands are about to go on sale in supermarkets, thanks in part to the warming climate. They may conjure up images of Spanish fields under blue skies and blazing sunshine, but England’s first commercial melons are being grown outdoors in Lichfield, Staffordshire, in an area better known for pick-your-own strawberries.
Stephen McGuffie, the grower, is successfully producing cantaloupes and watermelons using polytunnels to protect them from wind and rain, as well as to raise temperatures.

Melons are the latest exotic fruit to be grown and sold in Britain | The Times
Jessica McArdle - September 25 2007
- farmers growing melons in Kent will come as little surprise....

Even less of a surprise in 2010 then....


..thanks in part to the warming climate.

Warming climate my arse!

The Warming allowing this enterprising farmer to grow exotics is somewhat more Local than Global. In fact, he's come up with a way to heat the ground directly under the polytunnel.

So they are being grown out of doors, but in polytunnels. Get that? Indoors, in warmed shelter, protected from the wind and the rain and the low temperatures, but - erm - outdoors.

It would laughable if they weren't taken seriously by most of the MSM, and if they weren't doing our economy so much damage.

Don't be such lying shits, you warmist scum. "In a Polytunnel" does NOT count as outdoors. Now go and sit on the naughty step.

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