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It's hot, hot, hot in the The Times this week!

We are running out of excuses to deny global warming | The Times
Paul Simons August 7 2010
It is easy to get carried away with headlines about heatwave records and blame it on global climate change. Yes, the extraordinary catalogue of weather records across the world so far this year is breathtaking, but let us not forget that only a few months ago half the world seemed to be buried in snow and all the talk was of the end of global warming.
It is the global temperature over decades that counts in climate science, though, and the trend is unmistakable — temperatures are rising. The trouble is, the idea of climate change has been badly tarnished by the “climategate” e-mails and the UN climate conference in Copenhagen that ended in fiasco last year.
We are running out of excuses. Blaming it on natural vagaries of the weather is stretching coincidence. The only suspect that fits the crime is carbon dioxide and its greenhouse effect. If the predictions of more intense heatwaves, monsoon floods and other extremes come true, the climate change theory will be proved true. The problem is, it may be too late by then.


To quote my old physics master "complete and utter jibber jabber laddie"


Whrenever I listen to the News , especially from the BBC , there seems to be nothing but hostile weather that interests them. Over and over. No nook or cranny of the world goes un-wailed about.
Everything seems to be not really news.

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