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Arctic 5 degrees hotter in 2010 than average - The Times

Huge iceberg ‘could be sign of Arctic warming’ oceanographers warn | The Times

There is little doubt that the Arctic is warming — 2010 is more than 5C (9F) warmer than the average between 1950 and 1980 — but the exact causes of the glacier’s increased speed are uncertain

Someone ought to tell the Danes who actually measure the temperature that 2010 isn't actually the coldest for a while as the pesky data says....

(As a print subscriber I have free access to the online version, I haven't been linking to it as linking to behind paywall articles is bad form. But in the last month or so the warmist alarmism has been growing, it is almost as though some vested interest is pushing an agenda, safe from the slings and arrows of online sceptics..)


Why on earth do they compare 2010 to the average between 1950 and 1980? Could it be because it was so cold in those decades that the scientific consensus was that we were heading for another ICE AGE.

Remarkable use of statistics again.

Keep up the good work.

The average temperatures are warming up and that's causing icebergs, eh?

Hopefully when we save the planet and cool things down the heatwaves won't be too unbearable.

Might another reason for such a glacial 'calving' be that there was too great a weight of ice for such a mass to stay in one piece? As for the 5 degree warming claim, the Danes seem to have another story.

If that's the kind of scaremongering the old Thunderer is reduced to, it can stay behind it's paywall until it's subscriptions dry up.

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