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Wrap up warm against global warming warn doctors

BBC News - Climate change 'will increase heart deaths'

Many more people will die of heart problems as global warming continues, experts are warning.
A study in the British Medical Journal found that each 1C temperature drop on a single day in the UK is linked to 200 extra heart attacks.Last year's low temperatures saw the highest number of "excess deaths" - the number of those who perished over and above what is normal for the time of year - for nearly a decade.
The 36,000 "excess deaths" in England and Wales during the winter of 2008/09 represented a rise of nearly 50% from the previous year.

In an accompanying editorial in the BMJ, Dr Paola Michelozzi and Manuela De Sario, of the Lazio Region Department of Epidemiology in Rome, say; "Actions to reduce greenhouse gases based on lifestyle changes at the population and individual level may have substantial benefits for health and climate protection.
"For example, lowering saturated fat intake by reducing consumption of animal products is a healthy food choice recommended in prevention guidelines for coronary heart disease and a recognised strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emission," they say.

Ellen Mason, of the British Heart Foundation, said: "Although the increased risk is small, if there is a nationwide drop in average temperature it could equate to a significant number of heart attacks each day.
"This timely piece of research reminds us that older people and anyone with heart disease should keep warm in their homes after the summer draws to a close."

Experts don't you love them....


"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts."

- Richard Feynman 1918-1988, American physicist

(He was awarded a Nobel Prize for physics in 1965.)

Lessee... Global Warming causes temps to fall, which causes more deaths than usual, and the answer is to stop eating meat. Quite a chain of, er, that is...

Semi-related: a study shows that after two years of sticking to a diet (as far as I know, the first non-epidemiological diet study to last more than eight months) the reified low-fat diets so widely promoted lose out to the low-carb (think Atkins) diets -
Over the long term, a low-carb diet works just as well as a low-fat diet at taking off the pounds — and it might be better for your heart, new research suggests.

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