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Memo to Greg Barker @DECCgovuk - Scrap It

Business facing a wave of green taxes - Telegraph

Thousands of British businesses will be liable for significant fines and charges under a new government “green tax” scheme.
The imposition of new charges and fines will put pressure on firms at a time when economists are warning of a “double dip” recession as companies, consumers and the public sector all cut their spending.
Business leaders criticised the CRC — which was created by Labour but implemented by the Coalition — as “complex and bureaucratic”. One accused ministers of swinging “a big hammer” at companies and questioned whether it would have any environmental benefits.
Greg Barker, the energy and climate change minister, who is overseeing the scheme said yesterday: “I understand the original complexity of the scheme may have deterred some organisations and I want to hear suggestions as to how we can make the scheme simpler in the future.”

Greggy Baby, just scrap it, it won't help the environment one iota, it will cost jobs which your bosses won't like, but I'm wasting my time, I forget you are "Minister of State for Climate Change". What bloody hope have we got....



I will just add that all this stuff is probably imposed by the EU - do you not remember those ideas for EU taxes they were batting about a couple of days ago? so there is f*** all Greg Clark (NIMBY twat that he is) can do about it.

Barker was the dimmest of the 2001 intake, CV by Godfrey Bowman

Barker was the dimmest of the 2001 intake, CV by Godfrey Bowman

As MW says. However the words 'head', 'brick wall' and 'banging' spring to mind as this scheme is but one method to enforce the EU's 'green' policies and our 'govt' has to do as it is told!

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