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A Mouse Maybe a Mile Away

Of mice and Morrisons | Blog | Retail week

We really are into the depths of silly season now, and my eye was caught today by a story on a planned Morrisons store which a local council’s planning officers has recommended is rejected because dormice might be present on the site. They’re not even sure they live there, but apparently some have been found 2 kilometres away.

The story is funny and has a cute picture of a dormouse on it, but there’s a serious issue which is that retailers which are trying to create jobs and prosperity are coming up against crazy nimbyism from planners at a time when those jobs are needed more than ever.


Sorry for being an ignorant colonial but, what do Morrisons sell?

Mousetraps or something?

Morrisons is a relatively small supermarket chain (although this store would have cost £12M) that sells food, clothes, probably cheap electical goods and household goods (such as mousetraps, as you suspected).

Dormice are cute little rodents:


More importantly for the story, they are a protected species.

In England there is one native species, the Hazel Doormouse, although the Edible Doormouse has colonies in this country.

For more information on the story, try:


Ok. Thanks for that. Unless I've misread it, they are a supermarket chain. Surely that would be good for mice, apart of course from their hardware dept. If it carries mousetraps.

A supermarket is a source of food and also of warmth during winter. That sounds like it's to the dormices' advantage. (I give up. Where do you put the possessive apostrophe in that word??)

If the place was turned into council flats, it'd have dozens of cats roaming it, which wouldn't.

So, apart from the mousetrap sales, what is the council's objection?

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