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Climate Change Concern Is Not Environmentalism

'Environmentalism' can never address climate change | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Environmental issues take a very specific shape. The thing is, that shape doesn't fit climate change. Climate change -- or rather, the larger problem of which climate change is a symptom -- isn't like the issues that American environmentalism evolved to address. The solutions that American environmental politics are capable of producing are not commensurate with the scale and scope of the challenge climate change represents.
What needs to happen is for concern over earth's biophysical limitations to transcend the environmental movement -- and movement politics, as handed down from the '60s, generally. It needs to take its place alongside the economy and national security as a priority concern of American elites across ideological and organizational lines. It needs to become a shared concern of every American citizen regardless of ideological orientation or level of political engagement. That is the only way we can ever hope to bring about the urgent necessary changes.

It isn't about the environment, it is bigger than that, it is about changing the whole world to think like we think. Not in a political sense, it crosses those boundaries, it is a a religion! Believe!


I saw this

"The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG), National Farmers Union (NFU) and Farming Futures are pleased to announce the date and venue for the agricultural 2011 Climate Change Trade Fair. In 2010 the event attracted over 300 people and was a great success. This year the event has moved to a bigger venue to allow more room for bigger trade stands, a wider range of businesses and more interactive demonstrations.

The 2011 Climate Change Trade Fair will be held at the Matford Centre Exeter (Livestock Market) on the 24th February and will be open to the public from 10am to 4.30pm."

and thought of you...............

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