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Wiltshire Speed Camera Partnership Scrapped - A Nation Mourns

From: wendy.packer@wiltshire.gov.uk
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 09:30:52 +0100
Please find attached a press release on the closure of the Camera Safety Partnership.
It is disappointing that the funding of the partnership from Government has been reduced this year and is uncertain for 2011/12, but this is just one of the austerity savings that have been made to reduce the Nation’s debt. Wiltshire Council has to make 25% savings over the next four years and is unable to absorb the effect of the reduced Government grant that funds the partnership.
The Police will continue to enforce speed limits in the ways described in the press release.
Dick Tonge
Cabinet Member for Highways.
Wendy Packer
Democratic Support Officer

I have no idea what a Democratic Support Officer does or why Wiltshire Council needs them, but it obviously doesn't include supporting the actions of our democratically elected government as it tries to reign in the increasing bloating at Council level. "It is disappointing" may be her view but it ain't everyones...
And as for "Austerity" - don't make me laugh. A couple fewer cherries on top of the cream cake isn't austerity.


Democracy Support Officer sounds like a prime candidate for rationalisation. Wiltshire Council should free up Ms Packer's employment horizon.

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