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Climate Change is so last year! Biodiversity is where it is at now.

Plan to sell off nature reserves risks 'austerity countryside' | Politics | The Guardian

In advance of a major United Nations report and conference this autumn on the mounting global loss of ecosystems, species and genetic biodiversity, the UN's natural environment chief also warned the UK government against cutting biodiversity.
"It would be very short-sighted to cut biodiversity spending," Ahmed Djoghlaf, secretary general of this October's UN Convention on Biological Diversity, said. "You may well save a few pounds now but you will lose billions later. Biodiversity is your natural asset. The more you lose it, the more you lose your cultural assets too."
Defra and Natural England said it was too early to comment on the outcome of the autumn spending review, but a Defra spokesman said: "Defra is fully committed to tackling the loss of biodiversity, as demonstrated when enhancing biodiversity was set as one of Defra's three key objectives in the recent strategic reform plan.

- What he said!

Biodiversity is the new slogan - Diversity - we have all been trained to celebrate that - Bio - we all love Bio products. It has got to be a winner!


Do you have to have Mandelson in that right sidebar?

I am struggling to imagine how they will translate biodiversity into an overwheliming necessity to increase taxes and meddle endlessly in everyone's lives, but I have no doubt they'll find a way.

Tell Ahmed to mind his own business

Yes, you are right. Biodiversity is the theory that takes over the climate change old one. What's next?

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