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Squeezing Workers for One More Drop (and I give The Devil a Wallace)

Motorists face £250-a-year tax to park at work
Initially, the parking levy was seen as a way to tackle congestion and cut carbon emissions. Now, there is growing evidence it is also being seen as a source of extra cash.
Experts on local government believe that authorities may have little alternative but to turn to drivers as a source of income. “Councils are going to look at that kind of a thing as an option,” said Caroline Green, a policy consultant with the Local Government Association. “Traditional forms of money raising will not be sufficient.”

"Authorities may have little alternative" - I can think of one very easily - cut back on spending, especially as the money raised will be wasted on "transport initiatives" otherwise known as subsidies for middle class cyclists and fare dodgers.

UPDATE - I note now that DK beat me to it (My excuse is that his opus hasn't yet shown up in my RSS reader) so I award him a Wallace


I loved my time in the UK.

But I do not miss the unending and constantly mounting pile of petty fees, charges, taxes and permits for just about anything you could imagine.

I chuckle when friends grumble at the latest dopey "ecofee" initiatives of our provincial government.

They have no idea! But if the current provincial government somehow survives long enough, I rather suspect they're going to find out.

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